Monday Motivation 💥🥊

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

– John D. Rockefeller Jr.

What an amazing start to 2020, and just like that one month is already down ‼️

Are you creating the little habits every single day that are going to help you be successful this month⁉️

For me those little habits start with making my bed every morning 🛏 cleaning the dishes 🧼 to the best of my ability, keeping a clean car 🚘 because if you can’t take care of the little things the right way how are you ever going to take care of the big things 🏡

I challenge you this week to see what areas of your life you could be putting in more effort in the little things. Saying hi to someone in the elevator 👋🏽 and wishing them a great day. Taking someone’s cart at the grocery store and putting it back for them 😊 Holding the door open to let someone behind you go in front and looking them in the eye and telling them something nice 👍🏽 folding laundry 🧺 with a grateful heart and with your best effort.

We can all be better and we can all look at opportunities throughout our day to be better and make someone else’s day brighter ☀️ For me im going to focus on calling my friends and checking in with them and what is going on in their life 📲

For whoever reads all this I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic week 🙏🏼💥

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