Meet Andrew Walsh

Andrew Walsh is living to inspire others within. Through three significant life-changing moments Andrew has learned how to shape and create a new reality in which he is now living each day to be a miracle for someone else.

At 17 years old Andrew had a staph infection which got into his bloodstream creating organ and heart failure. He was in the hospital and rushed to ICU with a 113° fever and doctors told his parents he may not be alive in the morning as his symptoms worsened. Andrew, like many other times in his life, ended up battling back and fighting off that infection. This experience gave him a newfound passion and lease on life. Feeling each day just waking up and being alive is a blessing in itself. People often ask where his positivity and enthusiasm for life comes from, Andrew states, this near-death experience really shaped the way he looked at how precious life is.

The second life changing moment occurred his junior year in college when he suffered a devastating broken back injury nearly paralyzing him in a college football game. In a matter of seconds his entire football career was over. All he had known since he was six years old was Andrew Walsh the football player and now with that door being slammed shut at 21 years old, he had to find who he was without football. Through retraining his brain and rewiring his body he made a holistic comeback without surgery, despite what all the doctors were saying, he created a new reality for his future. Defying doctors’ beliefs, Andrew not only was able to walk again but he later was able to squat and deadlift, something doctors had told Andrew he would never be able to do again. Because of how he retained his mind and body during that tough time he was able to become stronger mentally and physically. This injury he looks back as one of the greatest moments of his life. Andrew says, “my back injury was not a setback but rather a set up, it showed me how strong I really am inside and then from fighting back it gave me the passion to help others overcome and show each person how truly strong they are mentally and physically.”

In his quest to find a higher paying career suited for his skillset beyond his post college health and fitness career, Andrew made the leap from an Injury Prevention Start Up, FMS Health and Safety, to Real Estate. Knowing nothing about the industry he tried to do what everyone else was doing. He took the advice of others and tried to be like them and lost who he was and his individuality. He had become a suit wearing, formal, dime a dozen, real estate robot. He had no sales his first year and was actually fired from the first real estate company he worked with. The person who fired him actually said, “Andrew you are probably too nice to be in real estate.”

At this point when Andrew was fired, he was in debt $15k, about to be evicted from his apartment, and had no idea what he was going to do next. Instead of letting this low moment define him, Andrew rededicated his life to Christ and felt a newfound energy to challenge himself to give it one more shot at Real Estate. This time around he was going to stick to being his true self and do things his way.

Ever since that moment Andrew’s life changed.

Not only did his real estate career take off, his side fitness career began to flourish into a full on second business, he became debt-free paying off all $15,000.00 of his debt, he met the love of his life, and on his comeback journey ended up being the youngest sales rep in his company to quickly lead the entire national title company in sales. Andrew on this faith fueled comeback tour was then able to gift his younger sister his old car and buy his dream car, a brand new 2020 Mercedes-Benz.

His success continued as he was helping others all around him in real estate, digital marketing, fitness, faith, and life coaching. Andrew then married the woman of his dreams, and together with laser focus and intensity Andrew and his wife, Jemma, paid off $54,000.00 of Jemma’s student loan debt, in just 10 short months! They even made it on the show and Instagram page of legendary finance coach, Dave Ramsey. With God’s abundant blessings just two short months after paying off their debt, Andrew and his wife were able to save enough money to buy their first house.

Through all of these major life obstacles Andrew has found a way to stay motivated, positive, and encouraged through meditation, breathing exercises, and a strict and disciplined morning and workout routine. Andrew’s 3:30 AM daily wake up and motivational story is a living testimony to the power of God and his goodness to those who dedicate their lives to honoring him in all they do. Andrew’s life mission now is to ultimately make somebody else’s life better, while giving all Glory to God, bringing more people to know and love Jesus, in the process of helping others realize and achieve their truest potential.

“Living to Inspire Within” – Andrew Walsh